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Friday, November 03, 2006
[NEWS] 【Daphne S.H.E Yi Dong Cheng Bao Taipei Concert】!

Chinese's number one girl group - S.H.E will create a fairy tale concert once again! From 2004's 【Magical Journey World Tour Concert】, S.H.E will now perform their own specialized field. Their world tour concert from Taipei, Shang Hai, Singapore, Malaysia to Amercia and so on, they have already attracted nearly 24 thousands of people! During July, 【S.H.E 2006 Yi Dong Cheng Bao World Tour Concert】has increased even newer records! With S.H.E's title ofSuper Fast Ticket Sell Out」, within 1/3 of the time, and just in 5 months, they have already attracted 20 thousands of people to the stadium to enjoy the concert!

Their journery started during July where S.H.E's challenge to perform for almost 5 thousand fans succeeded in their Shang Hai concert! Their next stop was at Hong Kong where every seat were fully book, including the large amount of media! Then from Shen Yang which was only 3 degrees to Wu Han which rained during their performance, 19 thousands of people already came to enjoy S.H.E's exciting performance! S.H.E who have always compete with only themselves happily said:「Our target of 20 thousand of people have been achieved in our homeland, Taipei! But then, there will still be Singapore, Malaysia... and so on for them to perform, that's why we have already set 30 thousand as our target! It means on average, each person has to be responsible for 10 thousands of tickets! The pressure is so big! But then again, this makes us more energetic for an even better performance!

Originally posted on 2006/11/3

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