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Saturday, November 04, 2006
[MSG] Thank You Everyone


Thank you for everyone's assurance of my role in Reaching For The Stars
Frankly speaking
Whether I win the award or not
Doesn't really matter
Being nominated has already made me very happy
At least
In all your hearts
I am already the winner for Best Actress
Thank you everyone
Looking forward to the day Hua Yang is being broadcast
Because I believe
The me in Hua Yang
Would bring everyone a kind of fooling around feeling
At least the role of Rui Xi makes me happy
Hope everyone would like this drama series
And I hope even more that everyone would feel happy because of this drama series
Because now I believe
Being happy is a very important thing
Blessings to everyone
But then, there's still another thing that's worth being happy for
That is, on the night of 16th of December
We're going to rock Taipei's Xiao Ju Dan
Ah Hahahahaha
Really can't wait for that day's performance
Nothing can be more real than the feeling of standing on the stage
Because I know that everyone there loves us
Loves us so purely
Loves us without any regrets
And we can also present the most real side of ourselves
I think concerts are this touching because of this
What do you guys think?

Originally posted on 2006/11/4 02:57

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