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Monday, November 27, 2006
[MSG] My Room At Puli


So cherishing
I lived there for half a year
There are so many lovely memories
When I first arrived
The room was very simple
There was only a bed

Television frame
A dressing table

And a very simple bathroom
Other things
Such as quilt
Keyboard support frame
Even a pail

Etcetra Etcetra Etcetra
Was all brought by me
Also, on that day I went out to the streets of Puli to buy a wh
ole lot of things for decoration
At that very moment it felt like home
That's why everytime I finish work, I would rush back
Have a soothing bath
Then go down to the streets of Puli to eat at the noodle sta
Really miss it

Hope there will be another chance to go to Puli for shooting
Because over there, it is really refreshing

So great

Originally posted at 2006/11/27 上午 01:06:00

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