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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
[MSG] Magical "Screw" Tool

Big Ant Mobile Phone Accessory

Materials: 1 Mobile Phone string, 2 9pins, 1 helix-shaped 9pin, two black beads, 1 wooden big ant figurine.

1. Use thee 9pin to bead the 2 black beads together, then hang them onto the mobile phone string.
2. Use the screw tool to carve a hole onto the ant's head, then use the helix-shaped 9pin through to join the already done black beads.

PS. Ever since I found out about this Screw Tool in Japan, my skills have just gone a step higher...... That tool can magically carve a whole into anything, I just have to lock the hooks. During that time when I had that treasure, I wanted to carve anything I saw. It was as close as being possessed by a ghost.

I sold alot of wooden figurines and other small cute stuffs in Japan. With my "screw" tool, I gave both Hebe and Ella a super beautiful mobile phone accessory each. Hebe's was a black coloured ant with diamonds. Ella's was a green bear, and of course with diamonds as well. Both of them were so happy.

Then I said I was going to inspect them. Within that day, I met Ella...... Hey, where's the little bear accessory that I gave you? I asked. I looked as Ella searched high and low for it. I knew that she would always fling her phone here and there, and without noticing my diamond bear accessory had fling away...... Ella was scolded by me so badly.

The next time I want to use my "screw' tool, I'll use it directly on her head to make a mobile phone accessory!

Originally posted on 11/07/2006

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