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Monday, November 20, 2006
[MSG] Is Hua Yang Nice? / Pictures From The First Episode Of Hua Yang


When you finish watching it you will really be happy
But the things that everyone sees are just interesting and for fun stuff
Actually behind it all there are actually alot of hard work
For example, there was one scene which was on the day of my birthday
But when the filming was finished, I was dead tired
Don't know if everyone can listen that
There is one scene where Xiu and I are walking in school
Then we noticed that at the notice board there were a bunch of people
Well it was that scene
Nasal sound was very bad
I catch a cold
Plus the whether was so hot and stuffy
The moment I finished filming, I squated there and cried
Because my body really wasn't feeling very good
I couldn't even act well for one segment of the os
It really made me feel so sad
And that is why I cried
I think that is my most unhappy birthday in my life
You guys, don't think that I can run really well
I really ran until half of my life was gone
It was also during a very hot day
I was really tired til I just sat there and cried
Because it was really too hot
It was really exhausting
I am not complaining now
Because however miserable it was, it is already the past
But I've seen that everyone's reaction to this show is good
So this also represents that
The crew's hard work on this drama can be felt by everyone
And also because of the crew's hard work has been exchanged for everyone's smiles
All this is really worth it
Thank you everyone
Really hope that everyone would be happy because of this drama
Because happiness is one of the most important things in life
Remember to tune in next week as well

These pictures were taken during the filming of the first episode
Want to share it with everyone
After this I will slowly post more pictures to share with everyone
Hope everyone will like it

Originally posted on 2006/11/20 00:39 - 2006/11/20 at 上午 01:09:00

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