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Sunday, November 12, 2006
[MSG] Generous Generous Generous! Too Enriched!

(Picture) Early in the morning at She Gu Streets, can you tell Princess' ready to shop killer look?!

Hi~Fellow Darlings:
Hu! Princess' trip this time was really so enriched
First we went to Hong Kong to perform as guests at Andy Lau's concert
Andy is so thoughtful
He gave the three of us a bunch of flowers each
There was a small card as well
Isn't it romantic I totally got electrified by Andy!!!!

After that we headed to Japan
Generous Generous Generous
It's been a long time since the three of us had gone to Japan together
We specially booked a three bedroom
Its like in a dormitory
Early in the morning after eating lunch, we started to get ready to train for our shopping
Only at times like this does Princess have the skills of leadership Movements become very active too

By night time, I started my fashion show for them to see
Mix and match one by one!
All that I have gotten for these days fitted in exactly two luggages!
With this trip's shopping journey
Princess can happily rock whole night and day! Hehe

Yesterday's Shen Zhen concert was very successful
Everyone were so HIGH
The paper coloured flowers made Princess so happy
Thank you everyone for always letting me feel so much warm blessings
Everyone must be blessed as well!!

From the Princess that is busy every night, thinking of what to wear the following day.

(Picture) Andy's autographed card!
(Picture) The must-eat Ji Ye's Curry Rice at Japan

(Picture) These presents from Hong Kong fans are for Princess So cute
Their hand-made works were put into egg-like capsules! So touched~

Originally posted on 11/12/2006

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