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Wednesday, November 22, 2006
[INFO] FOREVER Promotion Schedules

[INFO] Keep checking this space for more information coming up.

15th July (Saturday)
1PM 高雄城市光廊/Gao Xiong
台中中友百貨/ Tai Zhong

16th July (Sunday)
1PM 台北紅樓廣場/ Taipei
7PM 新竹站前廣場 / Hsin Chu

22nd July (Saturday)
1pm 屏東台糖購物中心 / Ping Dong
7PM 高雄新堀江 / Gao Xiong

23rd July (Sunday)
1PM 台南孔廟文化園區 / Tai Nan
6PM 台中中友百貨 / Tai Zhong

29th July (Saturday)
1PM 台北武昌誠品 / Taipei
7PM 新竹孔廟廣場 / Hsin Chu

3oth July (Sunday)
1PM 中壢中正公園 / Zhong Li
6PM 桃園統領百貨 / Tao Yuan

27/10 (Friday)
S.H.E's [FOREVER] autograph session (This will be the only stop for S.H.E's autograph session this year!! Remember to support S.H.E!)
Venue: IMM Level 1, Open Carpark
Time: 7.30pm
*Only the Singapore version of [FOREVER] is allowed to be signed

28/10 (Saturday)
6th Global Chinese Music Awards
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium

29/10 (Sunday)
S.H.E FOREVER Fans Event
Time: 3pm
Venue: Tampines Mall (Open Plaza Level 4)
*Please take note that YES933, Wo Bao, Straits Time, Lian He Wan Bao, Xin Ming Ri Bao will be giving away tickets. Tickets + your [FOREVER] album has to be present in order to enter.

29/10 (Sunday)
S.H.E will be one among the many performers to appear at [ San 5 Cheng Qun Huan Qing Concert]
Time: 7pm
Venue: Singapore Expo Hall 8
* No tickets needed, but will be based on PA(People Association) members ticket in order to enter. For more enquires on this concert event, please contact YES933.

21/12 (Thursday)
7PM Jusco Tebrau City

22/12 (Friday)
7PM Jusco Cheras Selatan, KL

For more details, please tune in to MY FM, local newspapers and the site

Originally posted on 18th July 2006

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