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Friday, November 03, 2006
[INFO] 2006 TVB8 Golden Melody Awards

The best present you can give to your idols are awards and recognition.
Please help vote for HIM's promising artistes as well. You will find them in the following categories:

1st Category (10 of your most favourite)
Ring Ring Ring--S.H.E
Super Model--S.H.E

2nd Category (Most loved chinese male artiste)

5th Category ( 3 of your most favourite)

6th Category ( 3 of your most favourite male new comer)

7th Category (3 of your most favourite female new comer)

8th Category (3 of your most favourite Groups)
S.H.E--不想长大/Super Model/Ring Ring Ring/我们怎么了

9th Category (Most favourite Male Artiste)

姓名: Name
电话: Telephone Number
地址: Address
身份证: ID Number
To submit, click on 提交.
To check the polls, click on 查看.
Please note that you do not need to give away any real details.
You will then be transferred to the polls and you will be able to see how the votings are going.
Please vote as much whenever. Votes are very close to each other.
Every vote counts and so lets support S.H.E to the fullest and let them shine on the day of the awards ceremony!
So please proceed to the following site to vote for your favourite idols; http://ent.qq.com/zt/2006/tvb8award/vote.htm

Monday, October 30, 2006

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