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Saturday, November 18, 2006
[Annoucement] Regarding The Discussion Topics On "Zen Me Ban" MV

[Annoucement] Da Fan Shu

For the past two days, alot of people have been posting articles regarding the MV of this song being posted on the internet
Very sorry but we must delete them all
Because the actual date of the broadcasting is next Monday
At the moment, the MV which is being passed around through the internet has not been authorised yet
We are still investigating the reason for the leakage of MV
As for the protection of the collaboration with the broadcasting media and their rights
We have deleted all the articles and discussion topics regarding the MV which was being passed throughout the internet

That is why at the moment S.H.E Daybook has not broadcasted it yet
Whereas many other sites have already passed this around which is unauthorised
But be sure to stay tuned!

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