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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
[MSG] Wish Me Happy Birthday YA!

(Picture Says) These are mobile phone accessories especially for my colleagues just to thank them for all their laborious work Cute?

Hello Darlings

We have just finished our world tour shedules
My birthday welcomed me home!
Those who know me should know how much I love celebrating my birthday
Since young I have always awaited for this day Ren Ba and Ren Ma would buy a piggy bank
Or m&m's chocolate box
Giving Princess a chance to share with everyone in class the next day
Now when I think of it, I really feel thankful Thankful to Dad and Mom
For teaching me to love and cherish the day that belongs to me

The current Princess is even more blessed now
Wherever I go, whatever events organised
I can hear all my fans' wishes
During the Fan's Meeting in Singapore
When Princess was receiving everyone's surprises
I suddenly felt strong about something and said
I feel like I'm the happiest and most blessed Birthday Girl
Because there were so many blessings
Say, who would receive as much blessings as I did
How can one not be happy during Princess' birthday?
The feeling of being blessed is already very far from being happy!!
These darlings made me touched
They give me the strength to work even harder and to spread the happiness around

My birthday wish is very simple
I hope for those who love me and for those whom I love would be blessed and happy forever............

(Picture Says) The first Birthday Cake Princess received this year

(Picture Says) Another Cake put into effort

(Picture Says) Princess has no idea how many candles have been blown already But I am still very happy
Thank you, my darlings, I know that all of you are wishing me Happy Birthday now!!

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