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Tuesday, October 17, 2006
[MSG] Travelling Around The World for 12 Days

Hello darlings

I just bought my huge luggage back to Taiwan the day before and today, I have to bring an even larger luggage with me. This time round, I will be out for a long period. From the northern parts (It was 3 degrees around Shen Yang and I was freezing during the concert) to the southern parts of China and finally to the summer sunshine Singapore (starting from 20+ degrees). The difference is 30 degrees, ah! The moment I knew that I had to bring clothes for all the four seasons around with me, I felt that my life was such a wonder!

It was my first time being a teacher yesterday! So many people came. Initially, teaching 1 piece of necklace would only take five minutes but in the end, it took thirty minutes! Those who came to learn must teach others! Let Selina's talent shine!

I have been crazy about doll made out of socks recently. Let me tell you, I even intend to have double the talent and skill! Teacher Selina is so busy doing mini necklaces for the doll socks and even if I don't sleep enough, my hands are still itchy. Can't help it, it is so cute everytime I put on necklaces for the doll socks!

I have started to receive the jewelry you guys have made recently, excellent! In the past, it was me who was doing it every day and night for other people and now, it is time for you guys to be filial to me, so touched!

Remember that sentence in my book: Do a nice piece of jewelry and give it to your loved ones!

The feeling is so warm!

Let us be each other's most loved ones.

Wait obediently for me to come back!

Hot teacher Selina

Originally posted on 10/17/2006

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