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Saturday, October 21, 2006
[MSG] Shen Yang Food Journey

Hello Fellow Darlings
Princess has been busy overseas recently
We just had a fans meeting at Shen Yang yesterday
It is the season of deep fried crabs
Even though Princess has been getting praises after being slim
The delicious tastes of crabs won't beat my maintaining of figure!!

So I exaggeratingly asked for crabs through room service the moment I woke up
After activities and events, I went to a restuarant to have two more......
In just two days the number cholesterol intake increased severely!!
After eating, I had a cup of ginger tea to go along with My god Right after drinking, my head felt so dizzy
Drink and drink I think it was too much!
Princess also did an action that would scare people
And that is to eat a chicken's brain
I didn't know everyone were so scared of chicken heads
Because when I was young, Ren Ma often fed me chicken brains Princess thinks its delicious
But never thought that it would scare people so much
So a photo was taken of me kissing the chicken's brains
You can see how scared Xi Bi is from behind!!
Everyone don't worry about Princess' figure Even though I eat alot
I will also remember to exercise alot!!
Eating such delicious food makes Princess very happy Working is of course happy as well then!!
So fellow darlings remember to search for your happiness during this life!!

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