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Thursday, October 19, 2006
[MSG] Ren Ba's BBQ Shop

Princess Selina has finally finished her book promotion.

Thank you for the beading session the day before yesterday. It has left me with beautiful memories, although everyone took the taking of photos more seriously than beading!! Ha, it has also made me realise that being a teacher really isn't easy!

Let me take this good opportunity to share with everyone my mood as well as my recent personal photos!

First of all, this picture was taken during the Mid-Autumn Festival where I invited alot of my good friends for BBQ, super happy! Together enjoying the beautiful moon with my family, friends and collegues, and also two of the world's cutest toy poodle. The exaggerating Ren family even BBQ-ed for two days!

It is princess' time to work during the Mid-Autumn Festival, just that it might be alittle smaller this year, hope that everyone will excuse me!!

(Picture Says) The Ren Famiy really BBQ-ed for two whole consecutive days! Selina who temporally became the moon really fresh and elegant! Haha

Originally posted on 10/19/2006

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