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Tuesday, October 24, 2006
[MSG] Princess' Wu Han Journey

(Picture Says) Gentleman rabbit accompanies Princess for rehearsals

Fellow darlings should know
Our concert at Wu Han was performed during the rain!!
Looks like we're not sunshine girls anymore............

But it was the first time Princess had to perform the solo dance in the rain
Ha! Do you all know how cool I was I was so sexy

I totally felt like I was filming a MV in the rain Haha
But then, some situations came up midway
Fortunately, the concert was carried on til the end

Fans were enthusiastic as usual
And we were all safe from being electrocuted!

This time during our stay at Wu Han, we had alot of delicacies as well
Delicacies like the famous duck neck Just like us, those who love spicy food would definitely love this
There was also spicy lobsters It was spicy til my stomach was like on fire
And of course, I tasted the flower crabs again
I even took a photo with a dish of crabs
Wanna share with all of you the photo!!

(Photo Says) Doesn't it look like the Princess of flower crabs

(Photo Says) Table full of small lobsters made me eat til my hands and mouth were numb

This time, Princess brought a whole luaggage of beading materials again
Gentleman Rabbit was the first to be made!!
I took him around to take photos on the next day!

This trip's world tour will allow me to finish some works
By that time, I'll post them up and let everyone see!!
Lastly, I wish everyone good health and prosperity

(Photo Says) Gentlemen Rabbit on the Piano

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