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Monday, October 16, 2006
[MSG] Personalised Logo

S Pearl Necklace

Materials: 1 necklace chain/fish string, necklace hooks and stops, 1 S logo, assorted bead coverings, pearls and anything else creative you wish to add.

1. Bead all your pearls and all that you wish to include through the necklace/chain or fish string. Lock the ends together with your C-hook.
2. Then use ur C-hook to lock ends with your S logo.
3. Finally, choose afew pearls to cover them up with assorted bead coverings.

Try it. Once you have finished, remember to say: This is the one and only in the world! Then together with the feeling of letting everything go, it is confirmed to shock your other half.

One and only is very precious. The place I do my beadings is either on bed or on the floor! I lie on my stomach, I kneel and without noticing, hours have passed. When I stand up, my legs are sore!

Only and only is to be enjoyed. People asked me how much time I take to design something. When its done, I can just take out original one and do multiples. That is several hours of thinking and a few minutes of doing it!

I think that's right too yet I have not done that. Because if I do, then that isn't a one and only thing. Then I can't tell the person I want to give it to that it is a one and only necklace! The person who receives this will sure be happy when you do a personalised logo them or even yourself:)

Originally posted on 10/16/2006

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