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Friday, October 06, 2006
[MSG] Inner Mongolia's Moon


I won't be at home for this year's mid-autumn festival, I will be performing at Inner Mongolia!

Ah, hope that the Inner Mongolia's moon will not be big and round so that I won't feel like going home as much. So that I won't miss you guys as much! (But I actually want to say that I haven't seen the moon at Inner Mongolia during mid-autumn festival as well)

I felt much better after hearing Ren Ba and Ren Ma say that it doesn't matter and that they will wait til I get home before having the BBQ.

I saw Jin Shi Tang Ban Dan today, YA! Indeed first in place, Ha~~~ You guys should know that I had screamed!

Thank you everyone! Everyone must hold on when I'm not present! Wait for me to come back and finish my promoting. This is the hardwork I've done once in a lifetime on beadings!

Darlings, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Whether or not the moon is big in Inner Mongolia, I will still miss everyone. Sigh! Really feel like spending Mid-Autumn Festival with my family.......

Beading Teacher Selina

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