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Friday, October 27, 2006
[MSG] Can't Believe It


It's so unbelievable
I actually got nominated for the Golden Bell Awards
The moment I got off the plane
I checked my mobile phone
And I saw heaps of messages
The first SMS which was in a joking kind of tone read
: Congratulations Zhen Ming Bell Girl
Awaiting for you to be nominated as Best Male Actor for Hua Yang next year
So I thought that my
colleagues were just fooling around
But right after that, I received another SMS
It was also to congratulate me on my nomination
Then I felt goosebumps
My heartbeat began faster
Is it true?
I can't believe it
My God
Unexpectedly, it was Reaching For The Stars(Zhen Ming Tian Nuu) that got me nominated
All the hard work was worth it
If I really get the award
I think everyone would be all mixed up
But whatever happens
I am already very happy that I got nominated
Thanks to everyone for their blessings
With all your true support
Winning the award or not doesn't really matter
The drama wasn't filmed just to win the award anyway
Then what was it for?
It was because my company accepted it
So I just acted it
Ah what else then
Okay that's it
I want to sleep now
Because I want to dream of myself wearing a sexy dress during the award ceremony

Originally posted on
2006/10/27 at 上午 02:37:00

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