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Thursday, September 21, 2006
[NEWS]Selina releases 『Ai De Xiao Zhu Zhu』! Officially Out In Stores On The 9/27!

After happily celebrating their 5th Anniversary, and finishing their 【FOREVER】 promotions, S.H.E comes with their latest work! Moreover, it is SELINA who has come out with her latest solo work! From the moment they stepped into the entertainment circle, S.H.E had proved their perfect singing ability, warming personality and their style which appeals to teenagers! SELINA who is the most refined in craft often explores her own creativity thus creating several beautiful works for both S.H.E & herself to add on that special sparkle to their style! Therefore, SELINA officially announces: 「I'm releasing a book soon! 『Ai De Xiao Zhu Zhu』 is my first beading book! From now on, please call me an author!

SELINA had put in alot of sincerity in the production of the
book. SELINA jokingly expressed:「Ren Ba has already released a book, being his daugther, how can I lose to him! I spent approximately half a year in order to do all 74 beadwork in the book! But be sure to call me widely marketed author!」 In order to express her own hardwork, Selina officially registered a beading brand 『Pinky』 for herself! In actual fact, SELINA's craftwork had been very skillful since young. She who likes DIY-ing different kinds of works expressed:「 I always examine or ask the boss because I myself don't understand other beading books! After several failure attempts while learning, I invented some Dumby Beading Methods』 hoping that those who love doing craftwork would be able to create what they desired for in a easier way!

SELINA who is releasing her first book revealed:『If everything allows, I wish to open a business in the future, it's not bad a choice whether it is to teach people or to sell my works! But because I don't like to repeat any of my works nor do I like doing it in big amounts, I guess it would be hard to earn money! And because of my character, it is for sure that I give my works away instead of selling them!』 Therefore SELINA mocking herself said:「I am now entering the 『most foolish job』! Think carefully, everyone uses the materials to make a beading work and give it to your loved one! Wouldn't it be sweet?

SELINA who had such energy and enthusiam to finish this book believes:
「The first person I want to thank is the 『Fierce Ren Ba』!」 In the book itself, SELINA mentioned:「During a school event at the age of nine, daddy actually didn't allow me to go to the salon to get a nice hairstyle done! I had already made a date with a bunch of friends to go to the salon together yet I just cried while lying on my bed with my beautiful dress......! 『I didn't see the fairy infront of the mirror. In fact, I saw my own hand slowly moving...... as if someone was pulling it. A step at a time, looking at the mirror, my started combing my hair, tying it and lastly adding a beautiful clip, just like a little fairy.』」 On the second day at school, after receiving alot of compliments, she then realised that she had skillful creativity, thus liking DIY.

SELINA who has great interest in craftwork expressed:「One aspect is because of interest and the other, is that I hope it would help other people!」 SELINA revealed:「The other time when we were at China for our world tour concert, we visited an orphanage to give away concert tickets. We hope that these little kids can be like any other kid, to have a chance to watch a concert happily! After that, at the younger kids section, a 3 year old kid ran towards me and sat on my lap! While answering the media's questions, I suddenly felt someone pulling my neck, practically tearing my sleeveless garment!」 Selina who initially wanted to bust into anger looked down and realised that that 3 year old kid was nibbling on her biscuit necklace! SELINA expressed:「I used plastic cement over that biscuit to create a bead necklace! The kid held onto my biscuit necklace and wouldn't let go because the kid who was too young, didn't have a chance to grab the candy and biscuits we brought!」 At that moment, SELINA felt deeply, therefore making a wish:「 I hope that I would participate in doing something. I want to use my hands to create craftworks then exchanging them for money to help these poor children!

『SELINA Ai De Xiao Zhu Zhu is open for pre-order from the 9/15 where it will be out in stores on the 9/27! Because this is my first solo work, SELINA bravely stepped forward:「Next, I will be organising reporters conference, autograph sessions and attend alot of events all by myself! I might not get used to it without my other two sisters's accompany! But I am still looking forward to it! Afterall, I have spend 15 years to built up this skill and almost a year's hard work in completing this book! I hope everyone will support me!

◎ Selina's beading blog (www.selinapink.com)

In conjunction of the opening, SELINA will donate 5 bead works which were personally done for charity.

Originally posted on 2006/9/21

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