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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
[NEWS] Ella laughs Wu Zun Handsome, Doesn't Bare To Send Patty Off


S.H.E celebrated their 5th Anniversary yesterday, Ella's mood were so high that she wanted to recommend rumoured boyfriend, Wu Zun to Patty Hou who just fallen out of love, but later regretting it. Hebe, the third party who was always being questioned about the Zhou Hou Love」 plainly expressed that she herself is not close to Patty Hou, unlike Ella who is so close to Patty that the two would sms each other.

S.H.E rushed to attend 18 events, holding onto 300 handmade cards, attending to the television, broadcasts and network media's visit. At Fei Die television coorperation, Zhu Wei Yin specially invited a horoscope guru to help the three predict their love lives. Hebe who was being rumoured with both male and female before was indeed the most prosperous, love life being smooth until the end of the year thus making the other two envious.

Smsing with Hou
Ella who was once being rumoured with Wu Zun, expressed that she give Wu Zun to Patty Hou who has become single recently. Because she often cried during the
《Encore》 period, Patty Hou often expressed her concern and care where they ended up smsing each other often. Ella said:「I will find time to meet her out, really want to make friends with her
But, she had started to regret not long before finishing her talk because Wu Zun is just 「too handsome, and has muscles」. Even when TVBS-GEntertainment News》 reporters asked why she had only rumours with Wu Zun and not junior Fahrenheit's Jiro Wang Dong Zhen who had also been casted in their drama, she replied: It's because I like Wu Zun more」

Originally posted on 2006/9/12

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