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Tuesday, September 19, 2006
[MSG] Treasure For Everyone


↑Candy Dog Necklace

1 necklace/chain, different kinds of blue, white and transparent beads

1. Cut a suitable size/length of necklace/chain for your dog's neck.
2. After threading all your favourite beads, hook the chains together.
3. In addition, you can prepare another set of pink beads for your dog to give a different kind of feeling!
This is the Nth necklace Mummy has done for Pinky,
the method is very simple and the materials are easily found.

If you do not know how to match colours at the beginning,
Just use the same colours or colours of contrasts to match,
Both are very cute, be it wearing one necklace or two!

Hehe! Hope everyone's dog will like it as well!

Also, do no be in doubt, this is really Selina's beading blog! Please visit regularly to see my works

Originally posted on 09/19/2006

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