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Monday, September 25, 2006
[MSG] Some Incidents I Came Across These Few Days


During the past few days, I met an angel at the airport
Since young, I've known from story books, television and movies that this world has angels But during the past few days, I really
meet him by chance
She didn't have a pair of wings nor was she floating in air it was totally different from imaginations
She was in a blouse she had a
moustache and lips were dry and cracked
She had a sense of smell, head was smelly a kind of oily feeling
But then again, having another sense of smell which overtook that smelly and oily head
And that would be a
sense of kind-heartedness, rushing to the nose, it smelt so good
Even though her head had a smelly smell instead of radiance
Even though her hands, foots and lips were dry and cracked
Even though she didn't shave her moustache, tiger tooth sticking out, I still love her

After that, I walked and walked, walked and walked, my tongue didn't feel comfortable and I was thirsty
I searched for water continuously I really don't understand why, as if I am always eating chilli
I met a hot babe
Beautiful in every way
My heart began to beat furiously I hurridly took my camera just in time to capture her back
That incredible short skirt of hers
That pair of beautiful slim legs
Even a pair of earrings full of diamonds can't fight over such radiance which makes millions of people go crazy for her
Who wouldn't love her

Originally posted on
2006/9/25 at 12:42:00

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