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Tuesday, September 05, 2006
[INFO] S.H.E Imitation Competition


S.H.E [FOREVER] Imitation Competition

Organisers: YEAH, MY FM, AEC Music Station, Chinese Newpaper, Jin He Du Chang, H.I.M International Music

Come participate and show your best imitating S.H.E skills!

Participation Dates
1st Round: 08-10-2006 (Sunday), 3PM, Jin He Du Chang 6樓T-Hop潮流地帶
2nd Round: 15-10-2006 (Sunday), 3PM, Jin He Du Chang 6樓T-Hop潮流地帶
Final Round: 22-10-2006 (Sunday), 下午3時, 金河廣場6樓T-Hop潮流地帶

Participation Rules and Regulations
1. Malaysian Citizen. Age & Sex does not matter.
2. Individuals are welcomed to join, as well as groups as long as there is not more than 3 people in a group.
3. Participants need to be present at the first round venue, having a choice to perform from only 20 chosen S.H.E songs.
4. Style, way of singing, stage performance and the whole performance of an individual or group which imitates S.H.E the most will win.
5. The best 10 winners of the first and second rounds are able to enter the final round.
6. The final round would include both singing and dancing as a performance.
7. Deadline: 02-10-2006
8. After signing up, please be present at:
[我是S.H.E] 模仿大賽
Unit 1310, Block B,
Pusat Perdagangan Phileo Damansara 2
15, Jalan 16/11, Off Jalan Damansara
46000 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
9. The organisers would contact all those who have participated, informing on the time etc.
10. For more information, please contact: H.I.M International Music (Malaysia) 03-7957 7740

List of Song Choices(20 songs)
Electric Shock(Chu Dian), Ring Ring Ring, What Has Happened To Us(Wo Men Zen Me Le), Wisteria Flower(Zhi Teng Hua), Goodbye My Love, Super Star, Grey Sky(Tian Hui), Solo Love Song(Du Chang Qing Ge), Flowers Have Bloomed(Hua Dou Kai Hao Le), I.O.I.O,
Migratory Bird(Hou Niao), Don't Wanna Grow Up(Bu Xiang Zhang Da), Persian Cat(Bo Si Mao), He Still Doesn't Know(Ta Hai Shi Bu Dong), Starlight(Xing Guang), Sights of Ten Thousand Years(Yi Yan Wan Nian), Cinnamomum Cassia Goddess(Yue Gui Nuu Shen), Jolly(Tong Kuai), Distant Location(Yuan Fang)

First Prize:
Cash of RM2000
H.I.M International Music Gift Basket valued at RM500
Free 《Yeah!》 Magazine for a year

Second Runner-up:
Cash of RM 1500
H.I.M International Music Gift Basket valued at RM500
Free 《Yeah!》 Magazine for a year

Third Runner-up:
Cash of RM1000
H.I.M International Music Gift Basket valued at RM500
Free 《Yeah!》 Magazine for a year

Consolation Prize (7 lucky winners):
RM 200 of 金河廣場現金禮券
H.I.M International Music Gift Basket valued at RM100
1 S.H.E Collectable

PS: For the application form, please take notice of YEAH's 224 issue, 11th and 12th of September of Chinese Newpaper(Zhong Guan Bao中國報)!!

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