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Thursday, September 21, 2006
[Annoucement] 「Ai De Xiao Zhu Zhu」 Auctions

Jeans Type
Fashionable TypePinkish Sweet TypeMatching TypeElegant TypeSelina personally does an Ai De Xiao Zhu Zhu necklace just for you! Simple, Creative, Fun and Stylish! It is confirmed you'll be able to learn! Explore your craftwork creativity with Selina!

Like any of these necklace? Want to take one of them home? On the 10th of October, at 12 PM, a lucky draw will be taken place. Just reply on her blog with the words 「我要下標」. Each reply would be increased by $10NT. The last bidder would win a necklace personally done by Selina! (For example, 100 people bid X $10NT, would equal to $1000NT)

Please tell everyone else, and let's put our hands together to help Selina auction off her kindness!
Selina's beading blog (www.selinapink.com)
Any other enquires, please email us at she911service@gmail.com

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