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Thursday, August 03, 2006
[Announcement] Regarding The Recording Session At Gala Television Corporation

Da Fan Shu

During yesterday's recording at Gala Television Corporation the actions of a fan who was too enthusiastic might have let other fans feel that it is inappropriate
Therefore there has been a very hot discussion
Here again, we want to make things clear that S.H.E does not feel unhappy because of this
They totally understand fans' enthusiasm and warming reactions
Moreover, HEBE's mood were not affected because of this
She has always not been used to having physical contact with strangers
But just like yesterday's fan's reaction which was over enthusiastic,
She fully understands and does not put that to heart
Therefore, it is not necessary to continue discussing about this matter
There is neither a need to critisize this fan
Nor a need to even publicly announce his name, telephone number and other personal details
Maybe, his actions were a little inappropriate but also it wasn't malice
The weather is hot Everyone's anger is already enough
Do not increase the anger because of this matter
Listen to music happily

Thank you for everyone's enthusiasm

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