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Wednesday, August 09, 2006
[Announcement] MTV Dui Shen Bang Yin Le Jiang / Don't Forget To Vote!


Da Fan Shu

MTV Dui Shen Bang Yin Le Jiang's last stage of voting
May all fans please do not forget to keep voting
S.H.E and TANK needs your support
Voting Site:

Originally posted on 2006/8/9 at 17:28

Vote for H.I.M's S.H.E & Tank!

Voting polls are great for fans overseas who would love to sho
w their support.
Once again, we want all S.H.E Daybook readers to participate in voting polls.
Note that you would have to register before voting. Just use 2 minutes to register and vote for as many times.

Please proceed HERE to vote for 3 of your favourite artistes, of course including S.H.E & Tank and the last as your own choice.
Every vote is allowed 30 minutes after each.

How To Register?
Step 1
Go to http://www.mtvchinese.com/Index.htmlStep 2
Username, password and Email address should be valid in order to vote.

Step 3
All information can be random here. You do not have to input your real information if you do not want to.
Step 4
Music Interests can be random as well.
Click on OK once done.
After registering, go back to the image in step 1 to understand how to log in.
Once log in, go to URL http://www.mtvchinese.com/Channel/Event/MMA/Voting.html to start voting

As we have found out that alot do not know how to register, therefore a simple guidline has been put up. Please make an effort to email us at she911service@gmail.com if you do not understand anything in the future. This will help S.H.E alot.

Originally posted on 16 July 2006

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