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Sunday, August 20, 2006
[Annoucement] Give Your Support To S.H.E

Da Fan Shu

We have all seen
Everyone's recent messages on ELLA's news
We want to say
Why dont we all gather together and cheer for them
Give them your fullest support?
Take this chance to do so on the 2nd of September at MTV Tai Feng Shen Bang Awards Ceremony
(It is confirmed that S.H.E would be performing)
May all S.H.E fans be present that night
And cheer loudly for S.H.E
We will ask for the tickets for S.H.E fans
For ticket details and details of the rundown for that night, please go onto MTV's website
Let us all let S.H.E feel our steady support
At Zhong Shan Soccer Stadium on the 2nd of September

Originally posted on 2006/8/20 at 23:17

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