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Sunday, July 02, 2006
[NEWS]HIM - S.H.E【FOREVER】Best Collections + New Songs!

S.H.E FOREVER Best Collections + New Songs album!
Pre-order starts on the 7th of July and is widely released throughout Asia on the 20th of July!

During Summer this yea, S.H.E and Jay Chou's Sweet Lovers Song Electric Shock is exposed for the first time!

Classic Pictures are out! S.H.E dresses up as Paper People! Ella wants Hebe to get wet so as to see through!

S.H.E who has been in the entertanment circle for 5 years already have always had good results with every album produced. H.I.M is pleased with S.H.E's Asia's number 1 group position and title! No one would have ever thought that these 3 girls who only loved to sing would be Asia's most famous girl group! From September of 2001 til present, Selina, Hebe and Ella are three girls with three different looks, personality and horoscope yet they are the perfect girl group match. S.H.E proved their chemistry together, each having a special appearance, strong vocals and eye catching stage performances. From [Girl's Dormitory] to [Don't Want To Grow Up], all 8 albums have been sold smoothly and have even got their recognition and confirmation from the Golden Melody Awards. After coming out with [Don't Want To Grow Up] last year, S.H.E comes with this year's [Perfect 3 S.H.E Yi Dong Cheng Bao Concert]. With the production of new songs plus their past best collections songs comes [FOREVER] which includes 5 new songs and 13 of their previous main songs from year 2003~2006. FOREVER Best Collections + New songs will be out for pre-ordering on the5th of July and will be in stores throughout Asia on the 20th of July!

S.H.E's new album is titled 【FOREVER】 so as to represent S.H.E's attitude towards singing, towards themselves and their irreplacable feelings towards fans. It also represents S.H.E's one and only irreplacable position in H.I.M! Busy with their recent Yi Dong Cheng Bao Concert】, 「FOREVER」 will be their only album for the year. It is also considered a memory of their music discography from year 2003~2006 for fans to miss S.H.E just with a bonus of 5 new songs! The first main song Electric Shock』 was specially done for S.H.E by Jay Chou, which can also be said as this Summer's sweet lovers song by S.H.E & Jay Chou! S.H.E revealed: 「The songs in 【FOREVERare our favourite songs during the past few years! The 5 new songs are even nicer! We will also expose and sing the new songs during out Yi Dong Cheng Bao Concert!

In order to present
the 「FOREVER」 feeling, H.I.M specially invited a professional stylist to make customed costumes for S.H.E! The stylist had all of S.H.E's past photos onto their clothings because each photos' colours were very rich. Their costumes were amended repeatedly in order to give the 3 girls different appearances and images. Only until the night before their photoshoot did success of their change came! In referrence to their costumes, their hairstylist also did their hairstyles accordingly to have the special feeling. With Ella's hair extentions, Hebe's messy hair and Selina's glamorous curly hair, they come out with a new and fresh look!

Everyone was made surprised with the exposure of S.H.E's new image -
Ella's hair extentions, Hebe's messy hair and Selina's glamorous curly hair! Other than their costumes, S.H.E had on special hair accessories on their heads! Ella's small cap made her feel that her suaveness was one step higher. Hebe had on a paper airplane which had a cool attitude feeling. HEBE said:「I'm going to fly to the sky!」. As for Selina, she had 3 dices on her head which made her introduced herself as:Welcome and Thanks for tuning into the wealth god!」

During the photoshoot, S.H.E were indeed beautiful but once their costumes were on, they were not able to sit down because their costumes were made out of paper. Once they sit down, their costumes would change shape! So after S.H.E had their costumes on, even going to the toilet was inconvenient. 3 of them said:
「Freezing paper! We finally realise what is Paper People』! Selina expressed:「This costume is very beautiful! But it is not conveniet! Because paper makes my whole body uncomfortable! It is also very easy to get exposed! Don't let me see it's exsistence after the photoshoot!」 Hebe's costume was even thinner. Just the use of water would expose her. Paper on Ella's whole body made her inconvenient to move much. She said:「I'll get som water, today's special is for everyone! HEBE would definitely be sexy after getting wet!

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