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Wednesday, July 05, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - S.H.E 【FOREVER】Album Is Out In Stores On The 20th July Throughout Asia! Ten Thousands Get 『Electric Shocked』!

There will be 5 new songs and 13 old songs from their previous albums of year 2003~2006 in S.H.E 【FOREVER】 album. S.H.E expressed:「【FOREVER】 album does not only record our music discography but also records our differences in appearance! We get so shy when we look at our past photos! This time for our main song 「Electric Shock」, the director specially searched for the lead MV male, Zhang Xiao Quan who filmed our first song 『Unfulfilled Lovers』! It let us see how we have changed all these years! It is also considered as another record of S.H.E's growing up!」 SELINA jokingly expressed:「And everyone guessed wrongly! The lead MV female for 『Electric Shock』 is actually me! Originally, 『Unfulfilled Lovers』 was actually considered as my music love story with Zhang Xiao Quan while schooling and now 『Electric Shock』 is my love story while working!

The story MV of 『Electric Shock is a continue of 『Unfulfilled Lovers』. Back then, S.H.E and Zhang Xiao Quan were living in the same building, all 3 having good feelings towards him but without taking a step further, Zhang Xiao Quan moved away! And SELINA who was a student back then is now fresh to the working environment. SELINA then met Zhang Xiao Quan unexpectedly and found out that they were working in the same company afterwards. SELINA and Zhang Xiao Quan both had good feelings towards each other, always sending 『Electric Shocks』 to each other, their relationship full of warmth...! After watching the MV, S.H.E said:「Just by listening to this song would make people sense a sweet』 feeling! The scenery the director chose is also very romantic. Really makes me want to send out 『Electric Shocks』 til sweetness, til it explodes! We nearly got electric shocked!

Never been an OL before, SELINA contributed her personal details because of the filming. Once SELINA arrived at the scene, she took out a bunch of shirts and a super narrow skirt which made everyone startled. SELINA then confessed:「This piece of super narrow skirt was previously bought in Japan. I could barely wear it at that time of purchase! This feeling is so good!」 ELLA also revealed:「SELINA's slim body has received complements. She, herself feels very satisfied and is working very hard to maintain it! She doesn't even take her most loved late night supper now! There was once where we finished practising our dancesteps at 12PM plus. Then in the middle of the night at 1.30, she jogged 3 rounds at the memorial of the founder of a nation by herself!

The guy who acted as the boss in the MV was very serious, he threw things and shouted loudly. SELINA said:「OL is really not nice to act! But we can have a 『Love Story in the Office instead! Afterall, I will never have this type of experience!

Back then during Unfulfilled Lovers」, S.H.E who had secretly liked the same guy had no ending with him. But SELINA has appeared in Electric Shock」 which made HEBE and ELLA jokingly said:「The media said SELINA had slim downed because of love anyway! Let her enjoy filming with a handsome guy this time which can also be considered as a compensation! But we had secretly told the director that there isn't a need to give her too much enjoyment! Just the touching of hands would do!」 All 4 of them had seemed to matured alot ever since 4 years back. Zhang Xiao Quan is now more matured and manly and S.H.E who were maiden girls have now become 「beautiful ladies」, all 3 girls who loved singing has become Asia's number 1 girl group! Just that Zhang Xiao Quan still doesn't talk much. Humourous S.H.E frequently disturbed him:「Have we become beautiful?」 In the midst of S.H.E's question, Zhang Xiao Quan only had the choice of nodding his head:Yeah! Yeah!」

Originally posted on 2006/7/5

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