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Saturday, July 08, 2006


I've seen them
I've seen all of last year's and this year's
Thank you for all your hard work
I am really very happy and touched
To say the truth
This year's birthday was quite miserable
Because I wasn't feel very well
Was filming half way when I couldn't stand it anymore
Therefore I asked for a day off
Also, my six sisters came over to celebrate my birthday with me
However, I didn't even have the time for a proper gathering with them
I feel very embarrased about that
Yet I am very thankful for their understandings

Actually, I know that there are alot of people who give my their blessings on my birthday
But then, I was really very tired during that period
I really hadn't had the time to come online to thank everyone
To make up for everyone here,
Thank you for your blessings
I am very happy to received blessings from all of you
I will be happily blessed
Thank you

Originally posted on
2006/7/8 00:34

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