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Friday, July 14, 2006
[INFO] My Daughter Is An Idol

My dad has many stories that will never end
On the basis of never ending stories, I always listen with patience and interest
It is just that, there are times when I accidently hear the same story 5 times and above
This book is to pass everyone my most loved dad's wise words
I hope that, you who is reading this book
Can remove the deficiency infront of you
Just using two hours to exchange his 50+ years of life's experiences and principles is too beneficial
Let us all listen to Ren Ba's stories together!! - Selina
Listen up people!!
Ren Ba is going to release a book of his own which includes detailed stuffs about his hosting with Jiao Jiao, his daughter, Selina and S.H.E whom he considers his own.

Book Name: 我的女兒是偶像-任爸的幸福私房話 / My Daughter Is An Idol -Ren Ba's Personal Happiness Words
Author: 任明廷(任爸) / Ren Ming Ting(Ren Ba)
Pre-order Session: From the 14th July 2006
Release Date: 27th July 2006
Price: 250 NT

Please check this space for more information coming up.

For more information in Chinese, please visit HERE

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