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Wednesday, July 19, 2006
[Annoucement] Albums Released Throughout Asia On The 21st July 2006


Xiao Rou Yuan 小肉圓 時間:2006/7/18 17:06
The initial release date throughout for S.H.E's【FOREVER】 compilation + new songs album was on the 20th July 2006 but has been delayed because of some printing colour mismatch in the lyrics book. H.I.M International Music who has always placed the quality of products produced at priority has decided to reprint and repeat the whole process. In order not to let fans wait too long, the whole factory has been filled with workers, each taking shifts, 24 hours non-stop so as to produce the albums on the 21st July 2006. Even so, H.I.M International Music expresses their regrets for the 1 day delay.
Xiao Rou Yuan大蕃薯(2006/7/18 23:55) 回應:
Thank you for everyone's support and patience for waiting.

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