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Friday, June 09, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - PINKY Is Pregnant, SELINA Waits In Anticipation Of Becoming A Grandmother

The rumours of the breakup with Xiao Zhu has been spreading fiercely but apparently it has not influenced SELINA's mood. Yesterday night while getting their outfit ready for the Golden Melody Awards, she remained chatty together with HEBE and ELLA, all three girls playing very happily. To add on, her most loved dog, PINKY is already one month pregnant which made her wait in anticipation of becoming agrandmother!

SELINA has been known for loving PINKY alot, always bringing PINKY by her side. She also planned to matchmake PINKY and Lin Zhi Ling's dog, Coffee but time had failed her. Initially, she didn't want to matchmake PINKY, she said:
「By doing this, PINKY looks like she is being forced!」 But seeing PINKY growing bigger, age gradually getting older, she believed that it was time for PINKY to get pregnant therefore she planned for a matchmake.

PINKY become pregnant smoothly, and is expected at the end of June. According to the reports, other than recording songs and concert preparations, SELINA's full focuses would include taking good care of PINKY therefore she went out with Jiao Jiao afew days ago to buy dog products.

At the moment, it is already confirmed that PINKY has 2 babies in her stomach. Upon knowing that, HEBE immediately booked one of them from SELINA. As for the other baby, ELLA also requested for it upon knowing the news.

Recently, the love triangle between SELINA, Xiao Zhu and Jiao Jiao has been very complicated as one of SELINA's close friend revealed that SELINA did not necessarily neglect Xiao Zhu because of Jiao Jiao, relationship between the both is still the same as before.

Upon that, just like SELINA, HEBE has decided to release a book. Please wait in anticipation for more details!

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