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Friday, June 16, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - ELLA Shouts For Sanitary Napkin

In order for ELLA to get closer to new drama 《Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nuu》's lead actor, she had to dress up as a guy but in actual fact, because of her cool boyish image, there had been many girls after her. Even when she filmed a kiss scene with Lan Zheng Long, the jealous Da S treated her as love rivals and even asked her:「You're a lesbian right!

Doesn't mind wooing guys
ELLA had to dress up as a guy for drama series
《Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nuu》, but in actual fact, there had been girls wooing her since young. During secondary school, girls would often approach her while walking along the streets. Also while sitting on the bus, girls from other schools would give her their numbers, which lead her to no choice. But the thing that makes her laugh the most is that years ago, while filming drama series 《Ai Qing Da Mo Zhou》 with Lan Zheng Long, she had to do a kiss scene which made her worry that Da S would bash her. Never did she thought that when she went to Da S's show to promote, Da S wasn't only not angry, she even asked her:「When will you admit your lesbian status?」, in the end making ELLA not able to decide whether to laugh or cry.

If there is a time where ELLA meets someone she admires, ELLA's principle is:「What's the big deal with turning the way around and wooing someone? If I really like that person, I would definitely put in effort to let the other party know how I feel, just like all my past boyfriends were wooed by me! Not only did she dress up as a guy for the drama series, she also became a fat girl and just to look very fat infront the cameras, she wore a fat suit and stuffed pads in her mouth. Mischevious Ella even made funny faces til she nearly dripped saliva out of her mouth.

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