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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - S.H.E, Jay Chou & Wilbur Pan Endorses M-ZONE!

China's biggest communications company 「China Mobile Communications」 currently has 5 million users for their communications company. China's Mobile Communications succeeds after 2003's all new brand 「M-ZONE」. Sales have been lifted up after inviting Jay Chou for 3 years of endorsement. To increase the freshness and vitality of the lastest product, they even invited the most popular girl group S.H.E and hip-hop king, Pan Wei Bo to join forces with Jay Chou to be their 2006's endorsers. Today(05/08), the five mega-stars made it to Bei Jing for a press conference.

Due to the fact that S.H.E, Jay Chou and Wilbur Pan are their endorers, other than working together for the advertisements and filming, the company also revealed that they are considering of inviting the 3 groups of artistes for a concert. As for the dates and venue, S.H.E revealed:「Don't know when there will be another chance of us working together because all of our schedules are already full for the year. But it would be great if we all could organise a concert! Fans are sure in for a good treat! This is indeed a heavenly match!」

At the beginning of May, S.H.E, Jay Chou and Wilbur Pan filmed their advertisement for 「China's Mobile Communications」 together which went on for 5 days. Jay Chou was the director for the advertisement. While chatting about the situation of the filming, ELLA expressed:「Because everyone is so familiar with each other so everyone was playing happily while filming! Wei Bo is so cute, everyday asking if he had slimmed down. Jay Chou indeed didn't change his black face, concentrating on telling us how to act! But I still teased him, always making him laugh!」 SELINA repeated in agreement:「ELLA just wants to snatch Jay's job! Always trying to HANDLE what everyone's doing! One moment wanting to mind the props, another moment shouting 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Minding how we act!」

SELINA just happened to eat something bad causing diarrahoea during the 5 days of working. Heartbroken HEBE expressed:「SELINA had been having stomaches everyday! Her weight must be the same as PINKY now! This must be the time that she's so light! Workers started to joked that they had to copy down whatever food that SELINA have diarrahoea so that they could give it to her just before their promotions for their new albums! Ha!」 SELINA expressed:「That's so healthy! Everyday we have to wake up at 3 AM in the morning to start filming advertisements! No difference from being a farmer! It's so wonderful! But finishing working and eating dinner with everyone everyday is also quite fun!」 ELLA expressed:「Actually, I think the most wonderful thing is HEBE! After coming back from England, she had totally changed! Very energetic and bubbly everyday! She speaks much more now! Everytime trying to make everyone happy! Very different from the past 『day dreaming princess』!」

Originally posted on 2006/5/9

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