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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - ELLA Hides Her D Cup Sized Breasts To Be Like A Guy


ELLA's tomboy personality has really made her turn into a guy during the filming of 「Type of Guy and Girl」. ELLA acted out as a girl being disguised like guy. She had a boyish hairstyle cut, and even deliberately wore clothes that made her usually proud D cupped size wrapped up tightly. ELLA expressed:Wearing like this is really uncomfortable.」

「Type of Guy and Girl」 is initially from a famous Japanese manga. In the actual manga, the main actress disguised herself like a guy in order to go into the all boys school of her secret crush. ELLA said laughingly that the director intended on getting her to act. The first time she saw her character, she felt that her own appearance and personality was very alike.

ELLA had always been proud of her slender legs and big breasts but she said vexedly; Because of the filming this time round, she had to hide her breasts and not being sexy. She said, if I don't wear tight clothes, then it really can't be seen properly.

ELLA really looked like a guy while wearing the school's uniform for the drama. The casts all said, ELLA, Wu Zun, Wang Da Cheng and Tang Yu Zhe can stand side by side to form the 4
handsome men」. The main actor Wu Zun is a Chinese from overseas whose Chinese language isn't very good thus ELLA is always taking the initiative to chat with him whenever she sees him. Both of them gets alot very well and ELLA even asked Wu Zun who had been a gym instructor to keep an eye on her, so as to avoid her from looking fatter than him.

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