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Tuesday, May 09, 2006
[MSG] Hahahaha / Love Tree


I can finally chat about the new drama series without any constraint
I held back for so long
Before, I really wanted to share with everyone my mood during the filming
Because I took heaps of photos
And wanted to share with everyone
At the beginning, I was thinking of posting up a picture a day
But couldn't because of some stuff
But now, I can share with everyone
The first picture was the one I posted before
Rui Xi Manuscript
This is a picture of me and Rui Xi
Do we look alike?
The second picture is Rui Xi secretly kissing Quan
Cute right?
I'll share with everyone these photos first
And will post more up in the coming days
Please wait in anticipation

Originally posted on 2006/5/8 at 下午11:47:00


I've listened to Zchen's new song already
It's good, as usual
Zchen still knows how to sing very well
Hope everyone will support good music
Love Tree is so touching
I like it very much
Wish Zchen good sales on his album
And hope Zchen's voice will move much more people

Originally posted on 2006/5/8 23:40

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