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Sunday, April 02, 2006
[NEWS] UDN - Strong Selina Carries Tank Mid-Air

TANK held his first solo concert at Yu Ren Ma Tou yesterday night. Apart from the songs in his album 「Fighting」, he also performed three songs with his new autographed guitar by David Tao; David Tao's 「10.30 At The Airport」, Z'chen's 「3am In The Morning」 and Power Station's 「Then Just Like That」.

TANK expresses:「I finally have my dream guitar, there's even David Tao's signature on it. It is a must that I take good care of it, and won't let anyone else touch it as I'm scared it would get damaged. I have been practicising with it the past few days and have already got feelings for it. I've even named it 『Wang Ba Sword』」

TANK performed with the guitar and the piano and also learned a dance for yesterday's concert. TANK said:「Ever since I found out that I have heart problems, I never dared to dance too vigoriously. But the dance instructor had specially arranged for it to cater my health and body.」

TANK also performed S.H.E's 「Don't Want To Be Your Friend」. He sang both ELLA and HEBE's verses than, inviting SELINA up on stage to sing her own. After that, both of them sang「Solo Love Song 」. In order to make TANK relax his tension, SELINA carried him in mid-air just before the starting of the concert and laughed that she didn't get the title of being fat for nothing.

TANK feat. SELINA - 「Don't Want To Be Your Friend, Solo Love Song 」

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