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Friday, April 14, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - Selina Passes Driving Test, Father Ren Doesn't Dare To Sit

Selina Passes Driving Test, Ren Dad Doesn't Dare To Sit
In just 8 minutes of the examination, she easily gets full marks
S.H.E's Selina passed her driving test smoothly yesterday, officially having a driving plate.
The test was very smooth and within a short period of minutes, she scored full marks. Being a driving expert now, Selina jumps joyfully but her father and rumoured boyfriend, Luo Zhi Xiang(Xiao Zhu) didn't give her any face by saying that they would not sit in any car she drives.

Plate Skilled Clan
At around 8 AM last morning, Selina arrived at 「Bin Jiang Jia Xun Ban」 for her driving test and she, without makeup on, joked with the examiner's assistant while waiting. When it was her turn, compared to the other nervous candidates, Selina's performance was very steady and within 8 minutues, she passed the test. She even got praises for passing the hardest S curve smoothly.

Wanting to buy a travelling car
Selina expresses that although she was confident, she didn't have a good sleep the night before. She achieved a total of 96 marks for her written exam and full marks for her driving test. She happily expresses: 「I want to buy a travelling car.」 But being new to driving, relatives and friends were not confident, Father Ren said: 「It is better to let people drive her like before, but if she insists of driving, I guess I am her only experimental object」

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