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Thursday, April 20, 2006
[MSG] Tokoyo Sakura Trip


I took a trip to Tokoyo just to see my good friend KIKI and the cherry blossoms
Ha The sakuras are extremely beautiful

We purposely woke up early to catch the train and only arrived two hours later!!
I want to share with everyone the joyous things I saw at that moment!!
Is there anyone more delicate than the flowers!! Xi Xi

There is actually another secret plan about the trip

It is to give my two good sisters a surprise
He I have already given it to Ella the past few days when we were in Shang Hai
She was super happy!!
But because Hebe hasn't received it, I can't post it up here yet
Wait til she comes back and I have given it to her then I will post it up for everyone to see!!
Please await!!

There is another surprise I want to note
That is, I have recently been busy with my book
I think everyone should know what kind of book I will be releasing!!
Ha That's right That is a DIY book

I am very grateful to those who made Xuan Xuan Xiao Pu successful
Thanks for everyone's acknowledgement

I have already donated all the money
Please do charity work everyone!
I have just finished my guest-hosting job and have taken a short break
Just to prepare my new book!!

I want to let all those who read books enjoy the art of DIY!
And then, following your own creativity!
Therefore I want to say once more, please wait in anticipati

p.s I will strive hard to slim down just to take beautiful
picture for everyone to admire!! Cheer on!!

Originally posted on 2006/4/20 at 上午 02:57:00

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