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Saturday, April 15, 2006
[MSG] Chen Family's Diary


So touching
I have already been outside working for about a month
Haven't seen Qiang Qiang for quite some time already

My dearest second sister brought Qiang Qiang along to visit
Missed her so much
However, Qiang Qiang wasn't as excited
Hope it can't be because she doesn't recognise m
e anymore
Wa Wa Wa
Still, I'm very happy to see her

The unexpected happened yesterday morning
Chen Jia Hua myself
Woke up this morning and looked at the mirror
Oh My God
I have gotten a puffy eye

Therefore I can't go to work today
But my family wants to come visit me

The food preparation is already ready
So the food is being sent to the place I live
And because I have a puffy eye
Therefore everyone gets a day off
Everyone here had a friendly chat together
Ate together

Everyone was so happy
But just before Qiang Qiang left

The unexpected happened again
That idiot urinated on my carpet

So angry

Originally posted on 2006/4/15 at 下午 06:44:00

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