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Friday, April 28, 2006
[INFO] 2006 MTV Asia Awards

2006 「MTV Asia Awards」

The ceremony will be held on the 6th of May at Bangkok Thailand
Spectators' votes are nominees for

「Taiwan's most popular singer」: S.H.E、...etc

Spectators can vote between the 1st of March to the 28th of April at MTV's Official Website, www.mtvasiaawards.com
or through mobile SMS votes (for Taiwan district, key in 「MAA」 to 8086).
Other than voting for Taiwan's most popular singer,
you can always take part in the ceremony at Bangkok.

Dear Friends~~ Remember to vote all you can for S.H.E!!

How to vote?
- Please take notice that you must register before voting.
Registration Steps:
1. Click on 'Taiwan' once in the site. (HTML is much easier)
2. Click on 'Register'
3. Tick the box and click Register as below4. Fill in detailsVotings Steps:
1. Click 'Login' (refer to step 2 if can't find login)
2. Click on Votings/Nominees3. Click on last picture4. Tick S.H.E box and send votings
Still having trouble registering?
Here's an even easier way.
  • Simply click on Singapore and register.
All registeration is in English.
  • Any phone numbers or addresses can be randomly keyed in.
  • Then, click on Taiwan again, and vote for S.H.E. (refer to images on how to click on the nominees)
Remember, you are allowed to sign up for as many accounts as you like and can vote every 5 minutes!!

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