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Monday, March 06, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - TANK's 「Solo Love Song」 Isn't Solo, Senior SELINA Acts And Sings A Duet

【TANK's 「Solo Love Song」 Isn't Solo, Senior SELINA Acts And Sings A Duet】
TANK admires SELINA's classical beauty and specially produced a work
Both acting intimate during the filming of the MV, TANK gets nervous until his body structure was too stiff, SELINA herself thinks that it's like filming a wedding.
In TANKS's latest solo album 『FIGHTING』, other than having traditional Chinese style, 『Three Nation Love、 first single hit 『Fierce Battle』、 winner of KTV's song rating 『Give Me You Love, there is also a guy and girl duet song called 『Solo Love Song』 recorded, and SELINA takes part! Being a new singer, TANK has already sang a duet with no. 1 group S.H.E's Selina, making alot of other new singers and fans envy! TANK expresses:「This song was specially made for SELINA! Before coming out with my album, I had always been together with S.H.E, going to different places for autograph sessions and have found that my seniors are really great! Being very talkative and always screaming in the car but once they get out of the car and get on stage, they still can sing so gracefully and harmonious! Also, SELINA'S voice is very soft and gentle, which is perfect for 『Solo Love Song』 's type of traditional Chinese style! Very honored to have this chance to sing with her! Also, being able to invite SELINA to come film the MV while she is having her holidays really counts me as the luckiest new artiste this year!
Beause of TANK's first appearance, SELINA gives away her first guy and girl duet song! SELINA expresses:「TANK had wrote for us two very good songs, 『Don't Want To Be Your Friend』『Good People Get Good Hugs』 for our Once Upon A Time album. Without doubt, S.H.E will also have to help out! But HEBE is too cool! ELLA's voice is too deep too MAN! Only I am perfect for “Guy and Girl Duets”! Ha! Ha!」 But, SELILNA reveals TANK's confidence in music! SELINA expresses:「When I first met TANK, I felt that he was very bashful however he had a very bright and carefree smile, was shy and cute! But when I heard his music, I found a enthusiastic and bold side of him! Unlike S.H.E, which is totally opposite! Appearance is very enthusiastic and bold! But when we meet music's specialized field we will have no confidence!」 SELINA also revealled:「TANK is too! When we were finding the KEY for the recording of 『Solo Love Song』, TANK's voice range was too wide, so he told the producer, whichever KEY is needed, he could coordinate with me! At first, I told the producer that I could as well! But after trying! Ai... I still couldn't be as good as him!
In order to perform 「Solo Love Song」's traditional Chinese style, a small portion of a drama was added in between the song, which is also SELINA's first time!
『Solo Love Song』's MV is about a fairy who loses love, and cries beside the river, making it extremely mournful. Because TANK and SELINA are both filming the MV together, TANK got all nervous at the look of SELINA's face and was even sweating which made SELINA laugh out loud. SELINA even made a joke out of it and asked the workers to get TANK two glasses of wine, to make his nerves stronger!
Other than SELINA and TANK's intimate acting, there is also a need for SELINA to lean her head near TANK's face wanting to create a romantic feeling but SELINA started to laugh out loud, saying that this feeling is like a mother and a child. Workers at the side had an idea of SELINA sitting on TANK's leg. There was even someone who came up with the idea of TANK hugging SELINA's waist, but SELINA said that these two ideas may not be too good because if SELINA was to sit on TANK's legs, his legs might break and if TANK was to hug her waist, he might not be able to find her waist!

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