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Thursday, March 30, 2006
[NEWS] HIM - Selina Performs A Duet With Tank At His 「Give Me Your Love Fierce Battle」 Concert

The 7 years of learning music TANK will be holding his【Give Me Your Love Fierce Battle】 Concert on Saturday, 1st of April, and is currently in the midst of rehearsing. To follow on, juniors Fahrenheit will make an appearance during the concert. Today, TANK publicly announced his second 『special guest-SELINA』! TANK embarrassingly expressed:「 Because in my album there is the song 『Solo Love Song』, that is why I always wanted to invite senior SELINA to collaborate together, so as to make the concert complete. Her job as a replacement host had just ended and was planning to have a holiday but she has to specially take part in my concert, I really have to thank her!

Today is the first time the both of them officially sang together due to the seperate recording with each other, and after filming the MV together. TANK still couldn't get rid of his stiff upright illness, instantly blushing once he sees SELINA, he wouldn't even dare to look straight at SELINA which made the generous SELINA infected too: 「Aiyo! What's happening, even I am getting nervous now!」 During the duet, the media requested for the two to sing with deep emotion. SELINA had repeatedly laughed until she forgot her lyrics because whenever TANK looked at SELINA's eyes he got all shy. TANK got even more stiff during the phototaking session, that SELINA had no choice but to lock their little fingers together. SELINA jokingly expressed: 「Big sister has more experience! Let big sis teach you! I think I have to take TANK home to teach him properly!」 TANK had no choice and expressed: 「I get into flames when I see big sis!」 giving SELINA no choice but to take initiative to kiss TANK's cheeks 2 times! But straight after kissing, SELINA shouted: 「My God! I kissed TANK's sweat!」 This time it finally made TANK openingly answer back:「Is there a sweet taste? Ha!

Regarding the experienced and enriched SELINA who had a concert before, only had the choice to pacify TANK: 「Just treat this concert as my concert, just that you are a 『special guest that is performing alot! Then you won't be nervous anymore! Because of you, I plan to dress a little more sexy than my usual self on Saturday! You have to make a good effort! Don't disappoint big sister!

During the rehearsal togeher(3/30), it happened to be another senior sister HEBE's birthday, TANK also gave his blessings: 「 I know that HEBE is in England and will specially go onto the internet to check out all that is happening in Taiwan. She even posted a message for me at my forum, I feel very thankful for that! And also wish her Happy Birthday!」 Good sister SELINA expressed: 「I wrote a MAIL to her yesterday night! I think there isn't a need to help her get a birthday present, she should just get something for herself in England and ask ELLA and myself to pay for it when she gets back! Initially, we thought that she would still be as cool when she went to England and won't talk to anyone else! But in fact, she made quite alot of friends! This means that she really has changed! I think she won't be lonely this year's birthday! There should be afew good friends there to accompany her!!」

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