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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
[MSG]The Senior Sisters Support TANK All The Way!!


Cheer on TANK!!
It's difficult to come out as a good artiste
But out of all the new artistes, TANK is very good
Moreover, I heard from people that TANK's sales has been the best!!
It's not me being the old promoting gourd, it's the truth
So let's all cheer on for the shy TANK!!
On the account of being a senior and us having a short intimate love story,(it's actually just holding hands!!) I will support you all the way!!

Originally posted on 2006/3/14 at 03:20



Know it all Tan Ke Junior
Hey Hey
Here I come too
I want to cheer on TANK too
Lyrics written by TANK isn't only nice
But is also sung very very very good
He really has talent
Everytime our company produces a new artiste, they always get nominated in the Golden Melody Awards
TANK will definitely get nominated
Not only for best new comer award
But also for the best song award
Best lyricist award
Best song writer award
Best album award
... etcetera
All of the best awards
Would all go to the best Tan Ke

Cheer on ok
Everyone must also help TANK to cheer on

Originally posted on 2006/3/14 at 23:04

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