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Sunday, March 19, 2006
[MSG]The Four Siblings of the Chen Family


These are the four legendary siblings of the Chen Family
It was a very happy vacation to
We went the
hot springs at Hakone for two days
It was really relaxing and refreshing
We also went to
Tokyo to cheer on the competitors at the 2006 World Baseball match
It was really cool
After that, we went to fulfil our childhood dreams
Which was to go to
It was a really happy trip
I want to share with everyone that

I have started filming recently
And believe there are already some that has seen our working situation
I am fine
So everyone don’t be worried
I am very happy everyday
Because everyone working here is on good terms with each oth
Also, I feel a farmer everyday
Waking up early and sleeping early
Have never been healthier

The synopsis for this drama is very interesting
I believe a lot of people have already seen the comic
I hope by the time comes, everyone will not be disappointed
Please wait with anticipation!

Originally posted on 2006/3/18 at 09:45:00

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