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Friday, March 31, 2006
[MSG] Missing England's Shi Bi


Today is Shi Bi's birthday
The following is what I want to say to her:
Dearest Shi Bi
We are not by your side for this year's birthday
I'm especially missing you
This day during this year
You are living in England
I believe this is very special to you
I wish you happiness
I won't be lonely for sure
Because I am always missing you
I will be in your heart
Loving you
Happy Birthday

This message might not be sent out
Because the company's system has abit of a problem
But I still want to pass my longing for Shi Bi to know
I believe she will be able to see this

I just ended work not long ago
Not long after finishing up the work
Wife Nana and I chatted on the phone
She is just like me
Missing Shi Bi and I
Nana cried
My eyes were wet too
Even though we are living in different places
Our hearts are still together
Thank you God for letting us
Meet each other
I love you all
Long live friendship

Originally posted on
2006/3/30 at 下午 11:20:00

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