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Monday, March 27, 2006
[MSG] Hurry Go To Our Blog / Rui Xi Manuscript


Hurry Go To Our Blog

Hurry Hurry Hurry
Go look at the photos
I miss everyone
Missing everyone

Originally posted on 2006/3/27 at 22:16

Rui Xi Manuscript

This is a drawing of Rui Xi and Quan I did on the blackboard
I want to share with everyone
Filming here is very joyful
Good mountain good water
It is so
enriching everyday
But it has been raining these few days
It is so vexing
Because we can't film properly
It is so
No choice
Filming is just like this
There are alot of factors which we can't control
But we have to overcome these together
Cheer on
Every casts and workers of "Tou Tou Zi Zhe Ni"
And I hope that by the time, everyone will cheer on this group of outstanding team

Originally posted on 2006/3/27 at 10:14:00

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