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Saturday, March 04, 2006
[MSG] Here I Come!!


Just left some messages at the blog
I have been living very enriched recently!
Don't think that the lazy me will only be eating and sleeping during the holidays
I have started to learn golf together with my father
Also, I plan to learn plates
The coolest thing is that I am getting ready to apply for a driving license!!
I am just too cool!!
I hope to take everyone for a ride with a truck!!

Before, I had alot of pictures to share with everyone
But I will slowly post them up one by one to compensate
Everyone must see it!!

Cheer on everyone Good Night
Love you all!!

OriOrginally posted on 2006/3/3 at 00:27



Sorry! It was PILATES!!

Originally posted on 2006/3/3 at 01.5

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