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Tuesday, March 21, 2006
[MSG] The Faeces Coming From England


News about Faeces Tian from England

I had actually planned to leave secretly
To England and to return home secretly as well
apparently it doesn't seem like a secret anymore
So let me share with all of you
I only want to say that the whether here is very cold
Ridiculously cold that no one can stand it
Like, which month is it already? And just afew days ago it was snowing
But my heart is in high spirits
Lifestyle is so carefree, turning in early and rising early
I have realised that I actually have the ability to live well
Awaking my independance
Autonomous is so great

My ears are going to flow out soup soon
Because they don't have my mother language here
I must listen very carefully
The scariest thing is to listen to people who come from a non-language country speak english
I overused my ears

The muscles on my legs are growing
Walking everyday, to school, to the bus stop, to shop
Walk Walk Walk Walking nonstop
Walking until I found my second job which is fitness connoisseur

There isn't a need to worry about me or those silly rumours
I am me, you are you
Attending to your own lives is actually the happiest thing
So all of you have to live seriously and enjoy happily
And use the remaining energy to help those who need it

Originally posted on
2006/3/21 at 01:24:00

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