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Friday, March 03, 2006
[MSG] Congratulations To Father Ren For Becoming A Host


Today is Father Ren's first day of recording!!
I went there to support and cheer him on!!
At first, I was worried that Father Ren would be nervous
, but never did I expect that he was born to be a host!!
His performance was very good. It was like it wasn't his first time
!! (This isn't like his daughter ......)
Everyone present was very satisfied and happy

I feel like I am supervisor,
Staring at the whole procedure!!
Never did I thought that I can be my father's senior!!

Next Monday, which is the 6th of March
Everyone please tell other people that

From Monday til Thursday, at nine o'clock,
On Dong Feng, Entertaiment at Asia (Yu Le Zai Ya Zhou)
Father Ren, Jiao Ge and Bo Cun will give everyone a different kind of entertaining feeling for everyone to enjoy
Please watch and enjoy!!

Father Ren was on Peach Protein (Tao Se Dan Bai Zhi) last night too
Be it seniors or middle aged women, or any other reaso
n that makes Father Ren interesting,
Please remember to watch on time!!

By Father Ren's supervisor, Selina.

Originally posted on 2006/3/3 at 12:16:00

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